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Online site for travel information and tips, Travel Noobs has recently posted a new blog that has disclosed important details about one of America’s oldest and most exciting family holiday destinations, the Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. As per an official communiqué from the site’s spokesperson, the article has been released in order to act as a source of vital information for travelers.

He also added, “Dorney Park since its birth from a trout hatchery in 1860 has come a long way to become a favorite destination for many Americans as well as outsiders. Over the years, the park has added new attractions and activities including various games, thrilling rides, a zoo, botanical gardens, and mechanical rides. Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom is located right outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania.”“Visitors are welcome to leave their comments along with their name and email ID”, stated the spokesperson.

It may be stated that the article titled as ’10 reasons why Drney Park and Wildwater Kingdom is worth a trip’, has shared various information which will benefit anyone who is planning on visiting the place on their next trip. The blog has even listed some of the key things to remember when visiting the park.

Several researches have revealed that many people when planning their vacations just follow the advices and recommendations from friends, or any other source just to end up with an ordinary experience. Living in such an advanced world where information concerning every single topic is being freely available on the internet, people can find great help from sites like Travel Noobs and enhance their knowledge.

The website, Travel Noobs has also posted similar other articles and blogs providing visitors with analysis and overview of tourist spots and vacation destinations. The site has also published several travel tips and advices to help plan the most memorable trip. For more details go to http://travelnoobs.com/dorney-park-and-wildwater-kingdom


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