175 AutoRD announces new service charges for Opti-Coat Pro and Pro Plus

Mississauga based car detailing and auto body repair shop AutoRD has recently announced new service charges for their Opti-Coat Pro and Pro Plus services. As per the shop’s manager Kevin Ripley, the new price changes will be effective immediately on any automobile. He maintained, “The Opti-Coat Pro which comes with a 5-year warranty as well will start from $975 for small vehicles to $1175 for full size vehicles.”

Kevin also added, “On the other hand, the Opti-Coat Pro Plus will now come with more gloss and greater protection. The package will also still maintain the same chemical structure which has been credited for its ultimate protective paint coating. But with finer services comes extra charges and for small vehicles the price for the package begins from $1375 to $1575 for bigger automobiles. This package will also come with a 7-year warranty along with a ton of other services.”

Revealing about the difference of Opti-Coat Pro Plus from the Pro package Kevin commented, “The Opti-Coat Pro Plus is indeed different as it is an enhanced two step version of the Pro. This package will add more gloss and slickness to the vehicle so that it gets a good shine. Besides, it has a long term paint protection as well.In addition to the Opti-Coat Pro and Plus packages AutoRD also has another starter pack called optimum gloss-coat.

This package is cheaper than the other two superior packages but that is sacrificed in the service level. Sources suggest the fact that the Opti-Coat Pro clear ceramic coating offers the cars a super-tough layer of protection so that they newer than before. Recent studies have also revealed that this car detailing service has been proven to be completely resistant to environmental substances. The Opti-Coat Pro, as learned, does not scratch or dissolve when in contact with these substances. For more details go to http://www.autord.ca/

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It is an automotive restoration depot situated in Mississauga, Canada. The shop specializes in vehicle reconditioning in a one-stop shop environment. Their services include restoration of the vehicles’ condition to their original shape and look without repainting or replacing the parts. AutoRD is also an authorized dealer for Opti-Coat and have been licensed for RestorFX.

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