290 Cigar humidor industry indicates favorable tip towards luxury brands.

Reports show that most Cuban cigar connoisseurs find themselves investing in humidors to store away their best collection. From storing as few as 25 to 50, most sellers reveal that there are customers willing to buy storage that can store as many as 1000 cigars. Statistics show that with most Cuban cigar smokers hailing from the higher rung of the economic class, buyers have no time to browse through the multiple options.

One of the most common methods have been to read popular and reliable review articles before making their decision to make the purchase. Leading review web sites are currently enjoying all the attention, making sure they keep their posts updated to the latest market trends. Supply trends show that most of the purchases are made from the luxury items as opposed to the more budget friendly counterparts. The current year’s market trends show a high demand of the quality importers desktop humidor, Solana. Coming with a Maple Burled Inlay and a beautiful high gloss rosewood, it is rated highly in most of the leading review web sites.

It comes with a width of 14 ½ with a depth of 10 ½. The Reagan from the Prestige Import Group is currently rated as one of the front runners in the current market. Statistics show that it is mostly bought by the high end cigar collectors and smoke shop owners. Taller than the average American male, it is highly appreciated for a height of more than 6 inches. The Whynter CHC-251S stainless steel has been a popular choice for customers who  want to keep their humidor in their kitchen or the bar. With a sleek bar fridge look, it is also popular for its design. Many buyers are currently investing in bigger sizes for party hosting and other social gatherings.  For more information please visit http://cigarri.com/


cigarri is a leading website that is exclusively dedicated to putting together some of the finest cigars and humidors in the market. it allows for different contributors who are already cigar lovers. The review section is considered one of the most reliable by customers.

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