213 Experts divided over whether cannabis enhances sex life or not.

Research shows that one of the most debated topics today is on the question of whether or not one should mix marijuana with sex. The debate arises from the popular belief that when under the influence of this drug, the senses are heightened. As a result, everything tastes, smells and feels more live and so much better.

Currently a survey conducted by a team of students have revealed the fact that the debate is divided between two major opinions. The first group of people believes that the experience of sex is much heightened and hence much better when under the influence of cannabis. The second group of people attest to the fact that such an exercise is sloppy and hence offers no pleasure what so ever. Experts today are no longer content on mere statistics and data collection.

They dug deeper into the science and mechanism behind the debate. An in depth study that was cited by a psychology daily back in the year 1984 found that individuals under the influence of cannabis experienced an increased libido when under the influence of the drug. While there are some that claim that the study may be a little outdated, there are many users that attest to the fact that they do, indeed, experience a heightened sense of sexual desire.

Science has a strong backing on this, in the sense that the human sensitivity is indeed heightened to a maximum. To back this claim, some have even unearthed a cannabis infused lubricant called Foria. The product claims to ensure better sexual experience among women in the form of longer and more pleasurable climaxes. Another factor that supports this claim is the fact that time slows down for the user. What is actually a minute may seem like an hour for the individual under the influence.   For more information please visit https://www.hellomd.com/answers/5728045a5f2679000b0000d1/can-marijuana-help-my-sex-life


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