196 Fortinetguru.com publishes comprehensive guide on how to use FortiAuthenticator for windows active directory service

Fortinetguru.com is a premier site that offers complete information on Fortinet devices. The resources available in this site are provided by an expert, who is a network engineer and consultant specializing in Fortinet hardware. Along with the useful information and guide on Fortinet devices and hardware, the expert has also announced to offer consultation services for resolving Fortinet related issues.

In the newly published guide the expert has provided comprehensive guide on how to use FortiAuthenticator for windows active   directory self service. According to the expert, FortiAuthenticator are used for self service in order to lessen the device’s help desk work and overheat. the expert has revealed that deploying FortiAuthenticator in windows active directory environment and service account enables it to read and write in order to update passwords and also allow users to use the FortiAuthenticator self service portal to do password resets. The expert has added that users will be relieved from the much dreaded password reset related issues by deploying FortiAuthenticator in their environment.

The experts have also revealed that the newly published FortiAuthenticator 4.0 Documentation comes with step by step guide on how to deploy this system. Users can find the configurations for specific password recovery on PAGE4 in the same documentation. FortiAuthenticator offer users with an easy to configure authentication server. In addition, a single FortiAuthenticator unit can be used by multiple FortiGate units for FortiToken device management and remote authentication.  For more information please visit http://www.fortinetguru.com/category/fortiauthenticator/

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Fortinetguru.com is a premier site that offers complete information and guide on Fortinet devices. The information available at the site can help Fortinet users to resolve any Fortinet related issues. In addition, the consultation services provided by the site’s expert can help users solve any issues related to Fortinet hardware. People who have trouble configuring their Fortinet devices or hardware or have any queries relating to Fortinet devices can get the required assistance and help from the site’s expert.


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