260 Handyskilledservices.co.za has now widened their handyman services for their valued clients

In a recent development to cater to the needs of their clients, handyskilledservices.co.za, a handyman services firm based in Cape Town, has widened their field of services. Terming the move as a dream come true for the firm, an insider of the firm said that they had been working on widening their field of services for quite some time now.

“We are glad to announce that we have grown in what we do today. Our gratitude goes to our valued clients for trusting us. If we are here today, it is because of our clients. If we have widened our field of services today, it is for our clients,” a spokesperson for the firm said.

When asked about their firm and the services they provide, he said, “We are a handyman services firm offering the finest handyman services to our clients. We now offer a wide variety of services. Our services can range from installing appliances to carpentry and from replacing a simple light bulb to patching cement. We beautify homes to give it more value and beauty. We repair homes to make it feel like home.”

The firm is one of the best known handy services firm. They are known for the services they provide. Their services have given home repairs and maintenance solutions a whole new definition. With them at hand, most homeowners are assured that their homes are in safe hands.

Hundreds of positive reviews on the firm’s website speak for itself. A recent online poll conducted revealed that handyskilledservices.co.za is one of the most dependable and reliable firm with the best services. The poll also revealed that the firm is liked by clients mostly for two reasons – for the quality service they provide and friendly, down to earth servicemen. For more information please visit http://www.handyskilledservices.co.za/


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Handyskilledservices.co.za is a firm based in Cape Town. They provide one of the most dependable and reliable services when it comes to home repairs and maintenance. They have one of the widest handyman services.


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