203 HelloMD unveils new article supporting the view of medicinal marijuana for medical needs

With the intention to inform people about the positive benefits of medicinal marijuana for the body’s health, online healthcare platform for cannabis industry HelloMD has recently published a new article that elucidates how the writer got herself free from migraines by using cannabis. A representative of the site maintained, “A few years ago, the cannabis industry was quite unknown to people but testimonials of people getting relief from varied kinds of illness and physical conditions with the use of cannabis are in plenty these days.”

He revealed that the article is the real life experiences of the co-founder of HelloMD, Miss Pamela Hadfield. He added, “She has shared her problems with migraines and how she managed to get herself free from pain meds and fund greater relief with cannabis. The article will hopefully improve the mindset of people towards cannabis and learn the real truth behind medical marijuana.”

“Many people are still adamant of the uses and application of medicinal marijuana ad it is our duty to show the proof that cannabis it is indeed beneficial for the body and can treat several medical conditions”, reiterated the representative. The site HelloMD is an online portal created for the means of connecting the people to the doctors and gets the appropriate medical cannabis recommendation. All of these happen online with the help of live video telecast. Visitors can also gain access to numerous cannabis products and get valuable advices from professionals on medicinal efficacy.

Reliable sources have claimed that the site treats hundreds of patients every week with the information shared and the guidance from experts. HelloMD also exhibits products that have been newly launched in the cannabis market.   Recent studies suggest that as the years roll on the popularity of medical marijuana or cannabis industry is expected to develop more and more as people begin to understand its significance. For more details go to https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/migraines-how-i-got-off-pain-meds-and-found-relief-with-cannabis


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It is an online digital healthcare platform for the cannabis industry. It specializes in connecting the members to the doctors and offers a chance to get a medical cannabis recommendation over live video. Members of the site can also gain access to thousands of cannabis products, news, reviews, dispensaries, advices and medical recommendations.


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