280 Lettas Developers announces plans for the New Year

Lettas Developers, an emerging real estate business firm, has announced their plans for the New Year. “The new year plan is out. We envisage sheltering thousands of people with new homes this year. We also envisage giving investment opportunities to thousands of investors,” a spokesperson for the firm said.

Lettas Developers is one of the forerunners when it comes to real estate. The firm has helped a number of people get their dream homes over the years. The firm has also given investment opportunities to a number of people. “We provide homes in the most affordable prices. You could compare our prices with other firms. You will realize we offer homes at the best deals. We see to it that our clients get their dream home without worrying about how they are going to pay for it,” the spokesperson had said.

In a recent interview, an insider of the firm talked at length about Lettas Developers. He said, “We are a young real estate business firm. But we have built a strong foundation to ensure we function smoothly in the years to come. We have completed a number of projects within the first few years of our business. To reach out to a larger number of people and to let people know about us in detail, we have also developed our official website lettas.co.ke.”

Talking about plans for the New Year, he said, “We have decided that we will let thousands get their dream homes within this year. We know we can do this since we offer homes in the most affordable prices in the shortest time.” He further inserted that real estate is a good investment opportunity and that they will strive to help thousands grab the opportunity. He also said that the motive of the firm was to provide professional services at affordable prices to the people and budding investors. For more information please visit http://lettas.co.ke/real-estate/


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Lettas.co.ke is an emerging real estate business firm based in Kenya. The firm offers affordable homes. They also give investment opportunities to budding investors by providing affordable homes.

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