267 Malaysia rated as one of the largest customer base for Taobao.

One of the leading online shopping sites that is dominating the world today, Taobao is currently considered as the Amazon of China. It is said that Malaysia is growing to be one of the fastest growing customer base, with more than 210,000 Taobao Malaysian users.

Although there is a massive geographical gap between the two countries, the physical bridge has been gaped through several modes of transport systems. One major concern among customers is that the products should reach the customers in top condition, despite the distance it has travelled. Experts say that this is determined by the different methods of shipping and also the freight forwarders. It is all about finding the perfect balance between the transmit time and the freight charges. The company is actually founded by Alibaba, a leading online shopping site that is fast winning over the entire world.

Taobao marketplace was founded by Alibaba in the year 2003 as a common online platform to small businesses and online entrepreneurs in the country. Currently, it is estimated that the site has over 7 million sellers who are trading in a variety of products. With over 400 million active users and 320 million mobile app users, this online shopping site is currently rated as 10 of the top most visited online shopping sites of the world. One of the most preferred modes of shipping among the customers is the courier service.

It is also relatively a safer mode of shipping because the consignment reaches the customer in just a matter of a few days. Currently, DHL is considered as the most preferred courier to Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. The Taobao Global Direct Shipping is limited only to Singapore and certain parts of Malaysia. Most of the Malaysians a advised to choose this mode of delivery because the service is exclusive.   For more information please visit http://www.everydaytaobao.com/

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