89 Neopoint Sale launches e-wallet for simpler and quicker payments

With an aim to offer customers with the best Neopet shopping experiences, Neopoint Sale has recently introduced e-wallet which they believe will be ‘a safe and convenient payment alternative’. As per the words of the site’s spokesperson, “We are pleased to bring our e-wallet payment system to our customers. We hope to deliver a simple yet efficient checkout process with the new e-wallet.”

The spokesperson also added, “In order to pay the required amount shoppers need to have sufficient credit in their accounts. Once this has been ensured they can make the payments for the items in the shopping cart. However, shoppers need to select the ‘Neopoint Sale e-wallet’ payment option during the time of checking out so as to be able to pay the amount from their Neopoint Sale account.”

He also later revealed that shoppers who make the payments using the e-wallet will be eligible for certain reward points. According to him, “The reward points are like freeware offered to our customers who like shopping with us. Currently we are offering customers 6% cash value of products price as reward points. This can be applied when making the next purchases from our site.”

As per reliable sources Neopoint Sale is an entertainment website that specializes in selling items related to virtual pets. Visitors to the site can enroll themselves for membership and procure their own virtual pets which they can take care of. The site has been a popular destination among children over the past few years due to the interesting online games on offer.

The spokesperson later commented, “As our customer base keeps rising, the primary goal of the site will be to bring up more such efficient measures which can satisfy our visitors and boost our reputation. For this we plan on providing a diverse experience to all of our visitors.” For more details go to https://neopointsale.com/


About Neopoint Sale

It is an online entertainment website dedicated towards video games and sale of neopets. Formerly called a NeoPets, the site was started in 1999 but was later purchased by Viacom and presently the site is owned by Knowledge Adventure.


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