65 Newemailaccount.org publishes comprehensive guide to create hotmail account

Newemailaccount.org, which is one of the most reliable and premier sites for offering comprehensive information and guide to create account  on various email networks has recently published complete step by step guide to create hotmail account. The experts at the site revealed that anyone will be able to open a hotmail account for free by following the simple steps provided at the site. According to the information provided at the site, the complete process for creating a hotmail account will require on some few minutes. The only challenging part sometimes is finding a username that is not already in use.

According to the guide provided at the site, the first step for creating a hotmail account is to go to the sign up page. For this new users will be required to visit the Microsoft account registration page. The site has provided a link which the new users can follow in order to connect to the sign up page. Once the new users get to the sign up page, they will be required to click on the “sign up” button to get started.

The next step is to enter their personal information in the form. Some of the information that new users will be obligated to enter are their first and last names, date of birth, gender, and so on. The expert recommended users to provide accurate information as they will be required to resubmit it in the password recovery process. The third step is to select the sign in preference by choosing the password and preferred username ID. New users will be required to choose a unique username that includes letters, numbers and certain characters like hyphen, underscore and period. In addition, users should include at least 8 characters and it should be a mix of letters, symbols, and numbers.

The fourth step is to enter their password reset information by adding alternate email in addition to a security question, and then provide the name of the country they reside in and finally solve the captcha code to prove that the user is a legit human being. After all these steps have been done, one can review the terms of agreement and service and then click on the “I Accept” in order to gain access to the new account. The Hotmail account will be successfully created by following these steps. For more information please visit https://newemailaccount.org/hotmail/hotmail-sign-in/


Newemailaccount.org is a premier site that offers comprehensive guide for creating new email account.


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