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Pinguecula is pterygium is some type of lesion on the eye and so. The two disorders resemble each other so much they’re frequently mistaken for one another.A pinguecula plural, pingueculae is a thick surface lesion along the sclera the white area of the eye near its borders with the cornea. The lesion is elevated somewhat and white to yellow in colour.

A painful ocular illness sometimes experienced by welders who’ve neglected to use adequate eye protection, not only that it may also result in cataracts, pterygium, and pinguecula formation, these are just few of the possible defects and diseases that we can get as a result of long time exposure to this sort of light. Sunglasses, as what it name imply, is among the powerful and most commonly used protective equipment in minifying the entrance of ultraviolet lights on our eyes.

Pinguecula are caused by uv exposure in the sunshine and low level annoyance including blowing dust and particles individuals who spend significant time outdoors are more at risk especially closer to the equator sunlight from the snow and water creates more uv exposure as most people have learned from sunburns if it damages your skin the the pinguecula natural treatment same procedure is happening on the conjunctiva just quicker the conjunctive tissue lacks the protective keratin layer the skin has.

Though makers are getting to be more and more aware of the requirement for 100% UV protection, many fashionable pairs of sunglasses still don’t provide it. Besides making your day uncomfortable, exposure to UV rays puts you at risk of several eye conditions – swelling of the eye, sensitivity, and photokeratitis snow blindness a burning of the cornea caused by penetrating contact with really bright light.

By the time individuals are 75 to 80 years old the bulk will have some sign of a growing, even when it is not noticeable in the mirror. The greatest issue is a serious eye problem, and a visit is required by any growth on the eye to the eye doctor for a proper analysis. Prevention is the second thing you should think of after it has been diagnosed as a pinguecula. For more information please visit http://www.pingueculaeyedrops.com/treatable-conditions.html


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