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Proclaimed to be the best criminal defense lawyer in Santa Clara and San Jose, Michael Rehm is well known to provide representation to all that needs a good lawyer on matters related to criminal defense throughout Santa Clara Country as well as in San Jose, Palo Alto and Morgan Hill. When dealing with matters related to criminal case, Michael Rehm is ranked among the top and can determine the best plan of attack for defense cases as well as offer an effective consultations.

San Clara Country’s court favours rehabilitation rather than punishment and every offense of drug related cases are best heard at the Drug Court located at 115 Terraine Street San Jose, CA 95110. Such drug related cases includes influence of a controlled substance, possession of Narcotics as well as the selling of drugs. Attorney Michael Rehm is known to be a determined lawyer to counter attack such criminal cases.

The Law office of Michael Rehm also announces the service for DUI related cases, where it is required to set up hearings with the California DMW within ten days of the arrest. Santa Clara Country has declared three courthouses for cases related to Traffic citations; Palo Alto: 271 Grant Avenue Palo Alto, CA 9306, Morgan Hill: 301 Diana Avenue Morgan Hill, CA 95037 and Santa Clara, CA 95050. Michael Rehm proudly provides representation on all moving violations and misdemeanour related to traffics, basing on the fact that the consequence is particularly harsh in this matter, a good defense is needed since Santa Clara is well a known country which suspends the license of the vehicle owner for speeding. The office of Michael Rehm is also popular for providing free confidential consultation to clients 24/7 and consulting for DUI cases in San Mateo country. For more information please visit http://www.santaclaracountyduiattorney.com/


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This is a site which provides the link to the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Clara Country. The site offers the service of the best criminal lawyer for free confidential consultation.Business Hours of the criminal lawyer office runs from, Monday-Sunday 6:00 am- 9:00 pm and visits to the office can be done through the address located at: The Law Office of Michael Rehm 2880 Zanker Road, San Jose CA 95134 For matters related to criminal offense, drunk driving/DMV and traffic offenses, Contact Michael Rehm – (408)489-2007


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