237 Top Vacuum Sealers and Wine Devices launched for storage purpose

Reports have it that an average family buys food amounting to nearly $5,000 every year, which at the most goes to waste . Kitchen Appliance Lab introduces you to device which helps in saving food with the best and right vacuum food sealer.

It is known that food sealers are the best method for food saving without the problems of freezer burn or moistures in the food; they are reported to be convenient as well as cost effective. Basing on research, vacuum sealer removes air from packaging bag while sealing the food in, the oxygen is being removed from the food, thus extending the shelf life of the food and stopping the growth of bacteria.

Vacuum food sealers are widely available in market in various styles and sizes. Kitchen Appliance Lab announces the best choice, based upon the vacuum strength, speed settings, removable drip tray, size, reusable bags, light indicators as well as hands free devices.It has been revealed, basing on the features that Foodsaver V3240 Automatic Vacuum sealing system tops the list, as this machine offers all the facilities needed without needing extra tools or accessories.Ziploc V151 Vacuum sealer system has also gained popularity because of its ability to eliminate waste and its remarkable features, versatility and function.

Kitchen Appliance Lab also declares Edgestar wine cooler to be the best device for storing wine at an accurate temperature. The device is found in various models, among which Edgestar 34 bottle free standing wine cooler, Edgestar 21 bottle dual zone stainless steel wine cooler and Edgestar 36 bottle Edgestar built-in dual French-door wine refrigerator, has gained top choice. Truthful to their names, the device has the capacity to hold the exact number of bottles as mentioned in the name. The Edgestar 36 bottle has also been certified for under-counter use. For more information please visit http://www.kitchenappliancelab.com/

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Choosing The Right Vacuum Food Sealer

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