279 UK Contact Numbers Introduces Exclusive Call Service That Can Connect To All Prominent Companies And Government Agencies

According to latest reports UK Contact Numbers which is a credible online telecom directory has introduced a new range of exclusive service that is equipped with the resource to connect all well known companies and government institutions and departments across the United Kingdom.

In an exclusive telephonic interview the Managing Director of the company stated that the niche service has been tailored keeping in mind the inconvenience and hurdles faced by the masses in finding important contact numbers of most well known companies and government agencies in times of urgent requirements. The particular service he said has been made available with the sole intent to save time and effort put into to source all important contacts across various avenues.

With the platform the company has provided and put in place it has been ascertained that one can effortlessly connect to all important helpline or support centre with ease and convenience. Once the number is retrieved in the portal in the click of a button it can be connected to the customer service of the company directly or dedicate helpline and in some cases on both the channels for communication purposes.

The developing team of the company cited that in order to improve user experience in the website the company has conveniently included quick menu features in the web pages to save the duration of time required while one is making a call. Additionally it has been reported that operating call procedures and protocols has been terminated in order to shorten the duration and get to the helpline directly without having to wait longer.

It has also been informed that all important metadata are also included along with the contact information to elevate the user experience more efficiently. On further query it was also ascertained to the staff reporters that the company also provided call recording features in case of client demand. This they stated can improve dealing with customer by keeping a track of all procedural routines of its employees and client end to end conversation.

The security team were quick to brief that confidential information are exempted from follow up recording to safeguard the privacy of its clients and users that is eventually in accordance with the UK PCI compliance. Furthermore in order to avail the recording facility it is mandatory for the end users to contact the company for further terms and conditions.

All calls made through the platform are reported to be fairly priced with charges as less as 7 to 13 pence depending on the type of network one is trying to access on a per minute basis. The company also highlighted that prompt request can be made for new companies to add their contacts through their website and make their presence felt across the online directory. For more information on UK ontact Numbers click  http://ukcontactnumbers.org/

About UK Contacts Number

The Company is equipped with the best online directory from across the UK and also provides end to end voice over internet protocol facility. With this platform one can conveniently connect to all crucial helpline numbers and support centre of all important companies and government agencies in the click of a button effortlessly on the go.


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