177 Video answer on selection of the right strains of cannabis unveiled at HelloMD

In reply to the question about selecting the right strain of cannabis from the numerous available in the market, HelloMD has recently posted a new video featuring Perry Solomon the CEO of HelloMD and Adam Steinberg the co-founder of Flow Kana. In the video, which lasts for three and a half minutes Adam explains in brief how a consumer can navigate through the thousands of cannabis products and pick the right one which can offer the desired effects.

As per HelloMD’s spokesperson, “The market is full of strains of cannabis for specific purposes. Sometimes for a novice, choosing through these products can be quite overwhelming. Besides, there are some products that contain pesticides which can be harmful for the whole body. Organic flowers are always the most recommended one because they are normally free of any chemicals or pesticides. Flow Kana is one such brand that produces reliable products.”He also revealed that Adam has even posted a short answer supplementing the video.

He added, “Our experts will continue to respond to the question and hence request our members to keep checking the website.”It may be pointed out that Flow Kana is a sustainable, sun-grown cannabis brand that embraces the values of California and the small farmer ecosystem. The video which was recently added on HelloMD featuring Adam Steinberg is among the series of interview videos where he offers more information on the cannabis industry and how to pick one cannabis product from the other.

Recent studies have found out that medical marijuana when taken in small doses can be helpful for nausea, sleep, pain, appetite, and mental respite. However, there are negative impacts of their consumption too. Doctors often recommend the use of CBD or medical cannabis preceded by proper consultation so as to experience optimal results and minimal adverse reactions. For more details go to For more information please visit   https://www.hellomd.com/answers/57dc2c265d85d0000b41aae8/with-so-many-strains-of-cannabis-on-the-market-how-do-you-select-the-right-one

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It is an online digital healthcare platform for the cannabis industry. It specializes in connecting the members to the doctors and offers a chance to get a medical cannabis recommendation over live video. Members of the site can also gain access to thousands of cannabis products, news, reviews, dispensaries, advices and medical recommendations.

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