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In one of the latest news that developed out of rcrddeals.com, a new link has been published in a blog from where readers and visitors to the site can claim a free hoverboard. Further inputs from the site spokesperson revealed that readers can get themselves a cool hoverboard by just simply clicking on the provided link from where on they will be directed to another website. He added, “Once the visitor opens the site they will only have to complete some easy steps and they can claim their free hoverboards.”

It was also revealed that a link to the detailed review of Segway Mini Pro hoverboard was also being posted along with the article. According to the spokesperson, “The Mini Pro is currently one of the highly demanded hoverboards in the market. It was developed after a collaboration of Segway and Ninebot. It is considered as an advanced hoverboard which has passed several tests and gained permissions from different boards.”

Hoverboards are known as smart personal transporters which people use to easily travel from one place to the other. Although, literally they are meant to hover without touching the ground the hoverboards of today come with wheels on either sides. Few months back, there has been news of companies recalling their hoverboards owing to balance malfunctions, battery failures and injuries caused when riding on them.

However, of late, all of these issues have been minified and remodeled, and brands like Segway have been given full authorizations to re-start marketing their models.

Later, the spokesperson also maintained, “Our website do not only disclose such kinds of offers but also specialize in posting reviews and news about appliances, gadgets, games, product deals, health information, and so on. Visitors can also leave their opinions and comments for the resources we share and post.” For more details go to  For more information please visit http://rcrddeals.com/how-to-get-a-free-hoverboard/


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How to get a free hoverboard


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