266 Why should mothers switch to Stoffwindeln

At first thought cloth diapers may seem old fashion and inconvenient. Most people these days use disposable diapers instead of using cloths diaper. They don’t like the idea of washing the used diaper once the baby litters it. Some think it is too much work using them. But if we think about it, there are several benefits of using them. Most people are not aware of those benefits and that is why they are still using the disposal diapers.

Cloth diaper is better for the baby, because it causes less rash to the baby’s skin. Babies that wear Stoffwindeln also tend to learn to potty at early age. This is because they can feel whatever is in their diaper and so they learn to avoid it by letting their mothers know. When it comes to disposals, chemical crystals are added to absorb liquid so that it says dry. This is why babies don’t know they have wetted their diapers even when they have.

The Stoffwindeln are also healthier in comparison to disposals. They keep their baby’s bottom healthy and hygienic. Disposals have been connected withseveral undesirable problems. They are known to cause asthma, decrease male fertility and also toxic shock syndrome. Using cloth diaper also contributes towards saving the environment. They can be washed and kept for next use and even if they can’t be used anymore they are biodegradable. Disposals are not, and they remain in the landfills for forever. So in a way you are contributing towards saving the environment.

If we were to talk about the resources used while manufacturing the diapers disposals uses more resources. From manufacturing to disposals, Stoffwindeln are much more environment friendly. Disposals once used cannot be used again and they have to be disposed.

By the time the baby grows up, the diapers used by one baby alone makes up a lot of mess for the environment. But cloth diapers can be used several time. Even if they cannot be used and the time comes for disposal, there is nothing to worry. For more information please visit https://www.windel-bendel.de


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